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The Sorcerer Class is the magical damage dealing class of RaiderZ. Using either a staff or one-handed sword, they manifest the elements of fire and ice to deal high levels of damage. Most sorcerers use cloth armor, though leather armor is a viable option if the player so desires to use it.


Sorcerers may use the following weapon types:

  • Staff
  • One-handed Sword and Sheild

Walking around, you will most likely see sorcerers with staffs strapped to their back due to the higher levels of magic attack they grant, as well as for intelligence bonuses. This helps them get the most out of long-range, longer cast-time skills like Fireball or Burning Meteor. That said, it is not entirely unlikely to see one running around with a sword and shield. This is very useful for Defender-Sorcerer builds who like to be able to tank a bit, but still deal damage up close using the sorcerer's instant-cast burst skills like Rapid Blasts and Flame Impact.

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