Weapon Types Edit

There are 6 types of weapons Sword(1H), Greatsword(2H), Mace(1H), Warhammer(2H) and Staff(2H).

1H = One Handed. 2H = Two Handed

One handed weapons can also be equipped with a shield. The shield adds armor stats to your character and in some cases is needed to activate ability's for attacks. The Staff is a two handed weapon as in the equip screen it takes up two hand slots.

Weapon Rarity Edit

Your weapons also have second type of rarity this determines how rare the item is and gives a bonus and/or restrictions such as bond to your character so you can't trade it in when equipped.

Here is a list of Rarity

Ordinary, Rare, and Treasure are the three levels of weapons. Ordinary weapons provide no special bonuses. Rare weapons have 2-3 stat bonuses and 1 jewel slot. All rare weapons will be bound upon being equipped!

Treasure weapons on the other hand have 2 stat bonuses, 2 critical hit bonuses, and 1 or 2 jewel slots (Depending on the property*) by standard. This can change however depending on how special the weapons are such as having more damage than usual for its level with an extreme bonus to critical hit rate, but at the cost of no stat bonuses and taking more damage (Usually found with level 35 weapons).

  • The Jewel Slots is normally 2. 1 for a Special Jewel slot which you need a special jewel item for like Diago's quest jewel that adds a property and 1 that is a normal jewel attachment (Like a Zircon or Olivine jewel). If the weapon has a property listed on the top already in most cases, there will only be a single jewel slot which is the normal jewel slot. A Good example is the Weapon of the Fields.

Weapons are equipped in the Main Hand 1, Main Hand 2, Off-Hand 1, and Off-Hand 2 equipment slots.

As weapons are used, their durability decreases. Durability also decreases upon death by 10%, as durability decreases, the weapon's stats decrease. Weapons can be repaired by most merchants. If a weapon's durability reaches 0, its stats are drastically reduced.

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